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As Earth Month comes to a close, we’re considering how everyday can be #earthday and every month #earthmonth. At Bernardo, we are always thinking beyond our own initiatives to make our products and our industry a better, cleaner place. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the very first Earth Day in 1970, it’s important to consider the ways we can alter our lifestyles for the better, from using less plastic to the organizations doing the best work possible to create a safer planet. One of the greatest lessons this moment has taught us is that we have no time to waste. Let’s change together!

    Starting The Conversation.

      Experts say the best way to change how people think about sustainability is to bring it up in conversation once a day. This was a lot easier when we were all out and about, but you can still spread the word via social media, that Zoom meeting, or on a phone call with friends and family.

      “My new biodegradable shopping bags are working out great…”

      Reduce & Reuse.

      We all know the mantra, but it’s about the small things you can do to influence a larger change. Plenty of brands out there are making it easier to reduce and reuse, while so many more are changing how they produce their products, from materials to manufacturing.

      Be aware of who you support.

        Going Plastic Free.

          At Bernardo, we’re reducing the plastic footprint by turning post-consumer plastic bottles into beautiful, stylish coats. When it comes to the everyday, we must shift away from disposable plastic packaging. Led by young consumers, everything from eco-friendly laundromats like Celsious to collectives like By Humankind are winning.

          Take note of how much plastic you use and discard daily.

            Plant Some Trees!

              A buzzworthy study published in Science magazine last summer suggested planting 1 trillion trees, and many projects have picked up the call, from non-profits to state governments (#MillionTreesNYC). Planting trees and growing food has become a major initiative with many different organizations, from One Tree Planted to non-profits like Food Tank.

              Consider how you can contribute by planting or growing.

                A Call To Action.

                  There are so many ways to get involved, depending your point of passion. Donate to causes that resonate, from Feeding America to 350.org, participate in #fridaysforfuture virtual/physical gatherings, vote, support brands who are making meaningful moves, follow influencers and inspirational figures who can help you rethink the total sustainable picture.

                  Ask yourself, what’s the cause that matters most to me and how can I support it?

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