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Cozy up to winter in our Bernardo winter coats, with all the fashion touches you’ve come to expect. 


Cozy up to winter in heavy puffer jackets and coats by Bernardo. We packed the collection with unique design details that set them apart from basic winter clothes for women, like vegan fur trim and lining, zip-off vests, crossover collars, sleeve pockets, and more.

Of course, the first thing women shopping for winter clothes will consider is the warmth factor. All of Bernardo's heavy winter puffers are designed with Ecoplume™ sustainable filler — insulation that’s made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles and certified by bluesign®, a system that unites the entire textile supply chain to jointly reduce its impact on people and the environment. In addition to providing superior warmth, our Ecoplume™ sustainable insulation is designed to keep you toasty without feeling or looking bulky.



While the insulation is a key component in staying warm in your heavy winter coat, so are the outer materials of used to create winter parkas, heavy puffers, and all winter clothes for women. One of the first fabrics that comes to mind is wool because the weave of the fabric creates a natural insulation that traps in the heat. It's lightweight, durable and best of all water-resistant for snowy days and winter storms. Women shopping for wool in heavy winter coats can check out the Outdoorsy Wool Combo Puffer Coat.


Faux Fur

Faux is the only way we go when it comes to women's fur coats for winter. Bernardo has been proudly fur free since 2016, using vegan fur trim on hoodies, parkas, and puffers. Faux-fur coats and jackets for women become more popular year after year as more shoppers show interest in eco- and animal-friendly products. In our heavy winter coats category, look for vegan fur trim on styles.



Often used for linings, nylon is comes with many favorable features: it's water- and mildew-resistant, easy to clean, and doesn't absorb skin oils that can lead to discolorations.



Whereas wool is a winter fabric, cotton is often associated with summer styles. But cotton can be useful in winter coats, too, such as in the lining of the Bernardo Toggle Town Puffer Coat. Cotton can be woven to be very thick for winter clothes for women, and can be a hypo-allergenic alternative for shoppers sensitive to wool.


Bernardo's heavy winter coats are designed to keep you warm without bulk, from the lightweight sustainable filler to the fashion features we use like geometric quilted patterns, asymmetrical closures, and streamlining belts. Shop the full collection of heavy winter coats to find your perfect puffer to stay warm all season.
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