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Mid-length, designed for style + function.


As the experts in outerwear, Bernardo has perfected the art of winter fashions in the form of functional jackets with style, long walker coats, eco-friendly puffers, and more. When the crispness of fall transitions into frigid days and freezing nights, the winter fashions we design are not only functional for warmth throughout the seasons, but give comfort, versatility, and freedom of movement.


What Is a Walker Coat?

Our walker coats are longer than waist-length jackets, usually hitting around the mid-thigh — a length that provides extra coverage without inhibiting movement like walking. Bernardo's stylish walker coats for women are created with cozy fabrics, filled with Ecoplume™ insulation — a sustainable filler made from 100% post-consumer recycled bottles — and come in a full rainbow of colors, from classics in blacks, browns, and neutrals to of-the-moment shades of blues, pinks, oranges, and yellows. We offer many styles of walker coats for women shopping for winter layers, from the lightweight to the heavy hitters and convertible styles that cover both, transitioning from heavy to light. For example, our 3-in-1 puffer coat has the mid-length outer walker shell, which also zips off revealing a short jacket underneath, giving you versatile styling options in just one buy.


Fashion Meets Function

Walker coats make for great winter fashions because the extra length creates an elongating effect to your overall silhouette. And ours are designed with details that set them apart, like interesting quilted patterns, fabric-mixed combos, toggle closures, asymmetrical zippers, and streamlining features like belts or subtle waist cinches. Women wearing walker coats in winter can pair them with a great pair of jeans, all zipped up with leggings showing underneath for a long-over-lean silhouette, or any favorite pants — the styling options are nearly endless. The functionality comes with the length and insulation, both allowing room to move. While bundling up for cold, stormy weather can be quite cozy, feeling bound by too much bulk is just not worth it, not matter how cute or comfy the style. That's why our walker length gives your legs plenty of room for your stride, and our Ecoplume™ sustainable insulation provides superior warmth in a lightweight way to keep you toasty without feeling constricted. The additional room to move also provides styling space for your underneath layers. Check out our collection of women's walker coats, which come as puffers or light quilted layers. And remember to review our sizing guide to find your perfect fit. Looking for something shorter? Shop for waist-length puffer jackets, too.
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