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April is Earth Month, and here at Bernardo we’re more resolute than ever to stand for the things we believe. As we welcome the month of April, we stand for designing and producing fashion outerwear with a purpose, and it all begins with how we treat our planet.

We call our biggest sustainable initiative yet Full Circle. Our Full Circle design rethinks every aspect of our garments’ creation, from how it’s made and packaged to where it goes at the end of its lifespan. At Bernardo, we want to do what is right: to design bold outerwear that is stylish, comfortable and good for the planet. That is bold, modern fashion.

Because transparency is key to changing how the fashion industry thinks, here’s our Full Circle “fact sheet,” so you can learn exactly what is recycled and sustainable. A labor of love from our CEO to our design team, each phase of sustainability has been the result of teamwork to create the best possible product for our customers.

What’s 100% Recycled

  • Fill/Insulation

  • Outer Shell + Lining

  • Zipper Tape

  • Packaging

  • Hangtags

  • Labels

*Not Recycled

  • Thread, All Metal (yet!)

Meet the collections, beginning with Ecoplume™ Green, transforming post-consumer plastic bottles into 100% recycled insulation with superior features and benefits. There’s 8.3 billion tons of plastic in the world, and we’re working to change that, one sustainable coat at a time.

And coming this Fall, Ecoplume™ Luxe. Using down and feathers from bedding and apparel at the end of its lifespan, we extract, process, and turn it back into filling for EcoPlume Luxe, our 100% Recycled Down Collection.

As we embrace our Full Circle future, we hope you’ll join us in making the fashion industry a better, more sustainable, and of course, stylish place!

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