Ever since we launched Bernardo nearly 40 years ago it was with a mission, first and foremost, to give women on the go the freedom and style to lead their lives. We have offered them the stylish functionality they need in this multi-hyphenated culture.

It is these very same women who are challenging us to do our best, from how we make clothing to the fashion details we design. We design outerwear for the wondrous journey of modern women on the go. Inspired by their drive, creativity, and generosity, we bring them beautiful quality pieces that give them the power to do it all, stylishly and confidently on their terms. 

We design and manufacture women’s, men’s and kids outerwear under private labels and the Bernardo and collection b brand names.

Giving Back

To us, giving back means doing better for both the planet and its people. We know how important it is to give back to our communities and to support the causes dear to our hearts. We salute everyone doing this in their individual way, and are proud to announce that our brand is playing its part, donating a percentage of our sales throughout the season to the causes ingrained in our brand ethos.


Helping to empower and ensure the safety of bold women everywhere, this May we’re proudly donating to 5% of our sales to Every Mother Counts. Throughout the year we’ll continue to support the causes that are deeply important in our brand, from sustainable initiatives to female heath, wellness, and empowerment.

Social Responsibility


Bernardo Fashions is committed to the Responsible Down Standard. We only accept down from RDS-certified farms for each and every one of our down-filled garments. This ensures that our down does not come from farms that live-pluck or force-feed.


Bernardo Fashions partners with DOWNLITE, an RDS-certified down supplier, to guarantee that every down cluster used in our outerwear is 100% traceable. From the time the eggs hatch to when the feathers are plucked, 3rd party inspectors monitor the treatment of the birds to make sure it is entirely humane.


The bluesign® system is the solution for sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for environmentally friendly and safe production. All Bernardo PrimaLoft® garments are bluesign® certified.


We proudly partner with PrimaLoft®, a trusted, premium insulation brand for over 25 years, in using PrimaLoft® Silver insulation and PrimaLoft® Thermaplume in many of our coats.