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Meet our newest category! Sporty neoprene jackets so soft you'll never want to take them off.


Because dressing for spring and winter can be tricky, Bernardo has a new category of women's jackets to shop — sporty neoprene layers so soft you'll never want to take them off. Typically the word soft doesn't first spring to mind when thinking of the wetsuit-friendly rubber fabric. That's why ours is specially crafted for a luxe touch and cozy warmth.

Designers work with neoprene to give women's spring and winter jackets structure. Its firm texture creates a defined silhouette. You may often see it in futuristic collections of winter clothes for women. And even though it's not woven from fine yarns, it's still lightweight for spring dressing, too.

What makes some neoprenes soft is the the degree of density — minimal equals a softer construction. Lower-density versions are often what you see and feel when you buy activewear like sports jackets. The canvas is soft, snug, and stretchy. (Medium and higher density are often associated with dive gear, laptop covers, and more durable goods.)


Material Features

When it comes to spring dressing and winter clothes for women, Bernardo's lightweight jackets categorized as soft-density neoprene make it easy to transition through the seasons in casual layering pieces. Sporty for both active days and everyday errands, the fabric is known to retain heat and impeccably keep its shape — read, no wrinkles! In addition to being waterproof, as with wetsuits, it's also know for:



Because it is not a woven yarn, but instead a manmade sturdy material, it maintains its technical features and structure in temperatures ranging as low as -60 degrees to the high 90s.



The fabric does not chemically break as a result of salts, oils, etc., so jackets made from it maintain their shape and integrity for much longer than knits or wovens.


Static-Resistant + Hypoallergenic

It resists static electricity and allergens within the fibers — essentials in the static-filled, sneezy months of winter.


Body Benefits

Medium and high-density neoprene can also benefit a wearer due to the way its firm texture and defined structure keep organs and tissues in position. As the body moves — which is surprisingly easy to do thanks to its elasticity and stretch — the fabric massages the skin and helps activate blood circulation, functionalities that help boost metabolism and expel toxins.


How to Style Neoprene Jackets

The top feature of Bernardo neoprene jackets is their sporty style. From running errands to treadmill to trails, our women's On The Go jacket as well as our casual Everyday Jacketare stylish lightweight layers for spring and fall. Throw them on with your favorite sneaks and activewear outfits, all zipped up with straight-leg pants, or with the stand collar open and a mock-neck top underneath.

Incorporate new sporty jackets in your activewear wardrobe with Bernardo's soft neoprene styles. Shop the collection now on this page, or buy other warm, lightweight jackets and winter coats you'll find on the New Arrivals tab.
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