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Meet Micro-Influencer & First-Time Mom, Grizelle Novak

May 09, 2020

Meet Micro-Influencer & First-Time Mom, Grizelle Novak

Happy Mother’s Day! May is the perfect month to celebrate all the mom figures out there, moms, grandmothers, dad-moms, anyone who has given of themselves to raise another. As part of our #thankyou give-back campaign, we’re kicking off a series of interviews with young moms all month!

First up, blogger, Insta-influencer, and first-time young mom Grizelle Novak, aka @zellysbelly. She’s a micro-influencer, and her followers love her real-life, relatable posts about all things motherhood, food, and fashion.

What is the biggest challenge/reward of becoming a new mom?

The biggest challenge for me was adjusting to my new life. I loved going to the gym for a class and going up and down the aisle at the grocery store, and finding new things to try. Now, I work out at home and use my baby as a weight, and trips to the store have been way quicker. 

On the other hand, the biggest reward is seeing her grow and learn new things. I am especially amazed when she hugs me and gives me a high five. It gives me the reassurance that I am doing a good job as her Mom.

Who has been the main inspirational figure in your life?

My hero is my Grandma. She has been through so much in her life and she is the rock of my family. She taught me how to be independent and strong. Those two things have helped me so much in my adult life especially after moving from the Philippines to the US.

What are some of the cultural aspects of being raised in the Philippines you hope to share with your daughter?

I want to teach Athena a lot about our country’s food! We have such a wide array of dishes that I hope she can learn to love as much as I do. For birthdays we do such fun things like skewered hotdogs with colorful marshmallows. It's a birthday staple and she will definitely have one every year until she says no!

I hope to raise her with a lot of gratitude in her heart. Gratitude for all the things that she has, and for her to realize how blessed she is. The Philippines is beautiful but most parts are poor, and a lot of people don’t have much, but we found joy in the little things, like dancing in the rain or playing with rocks by the river.

What is your favorite recipe that your mom used to make that you loved?

There are so many! I would have to say my favorite would be her Spaghetti. She made it for me every year for my birthday. I tried to recreate it a few times, but it really does not taste the same as hers.

How has motherhood changed your outlook on the world?

I always pray for a better tomorrow now. I wish that my daughter can enjoy the same things I do, like going to the beach. I recently watched a documentary about how our oceans’ ecosystems are dying and I am now more conscious than ever about my use of plastic. I try to recycle whenever I can. It makes me sad to think that one day all our sea life will be gone because of what we are doing now. We need to do everything we can to ensure a better tomorrow for our little ones!

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