A Day in the Life of a Stylist

April 26, 2020

A Day in the Life of a Stylist

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a fashion stylist? We have too! As part of our Boldly Bound series we interviewed Millennial Style guru Zu SB, asking about her wide range of clients and projects, how she shops, and of course, how she developed her unique sense of styling! From upstate designer expeditions to Bernardo’s editorial shoots, we caught up as she weathers the quarantine in her native Poland.

Q. Let's start at the beginning, how did you first break into the industry?

My journey in the fashion industry is almost 15 years long. I have an MA in fashion design, and I used to work for a traditional tailor in Poland where I learned how to sew by hand. After that, I started to work at Gala magazine as an assistant of Fashion Editor.

Things really changed when I became the first assistant of a designer. The company was tiny, so I did everything there from sewing semi-couture pieces to styling campaigns. After a few years, I decided I needed a break, and I left the fashion industry to become a DJ (!!) and figure out what I wanted to do next. I came back to styling shoots and a year later I decided to move to New York.

Q. If you had to pick your favorite shoot, which would it be?

I think my favorite shoot was with photographer Laura Okita for Vogue Portugal. She has a fantastic style, and I love shooting beauty with her. Make sure to follow her at @lauraokita_offical for edgy inspiration!

Q. I've watched you style for Bernardo, you have such a unique sense of fashion. How do you discover trends, or do you create your own?

I'm always curious about new styles on the runway, but living in NYC is a great stimulant. You can see trends and creativity on the streets. My style is pretty minimalist, but I get more creative when I’m styling for shoots. With each client I research the customer to discover how to find a beautiful way to showcase the product.

Q. How are you spending the Covid-19 quarantine?

I like to keep myself busy, I try to exercise and I started to do these short runs. Currently, I'm reading the autobiography of the artist Marina Abramovic, "Walk Through Walls" and "Never Split the Difference" by Chris Voss about negotiating.

Q. When the world reopens, how do you see fashion/culture changing?

It would be great to see the world become more sustainable, but I believe this time of being distant physically but so close virtually was much needed. I think it's a reminder of how amazing it is to help and support others, and how to ask for help. Just a simple call to a friend might bring great joy. I hope we rediscover that.

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